Marketing support

Everything you need to market VenaCure EVLT treatment at your practice—at no additional charge

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The MVP Marketing Program

As a VenaCure EVLT* treatment provider, you’ll enjoy access to the industry’s most comprehensive and sophisticated practice-enhancement program: the MVP Marketing Program.

It provides everything you need to maximize your practice potential with the VenaCure EVLT system, at no additional cost to your practice.

  • Customizable emails can help you acquire new patients, as well as build your referral network
  • Ready-to-use, patient education printed materials highlight the benefits of laser therapy and answer commonly asked questions—and can be imprinted with your practice’s contact information
  • A promotional video, designed for viewing in your waiting room, helps build awareness and interest among current patients
  • We’ll include your practice in our Physician Locator on the VenaCure EVLT system patient website—supporting organic growth of potential new patients and allowing you to:
    • Access up-to-the-minute website analytics; and
    • Generate leads linked directly to your practice (on average, five unique users view your practice information through this tool each month!)
  • A customers-only website where you can log in to access all of these tools, download marketing materials for your practice, easily find reimbursement information, and more—24 hours a day

The MVP Starter Kit includes:

  • Customizable emails
  • Patient brochure
  • Exam room poster
  • Promotional video
  • Reimbursement and billing guide

Customized tools for regular users of VenaCure EVLT procedure kits are also available.

Choose AngioDynamics as your partner in varicose vein treatment, and success is as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. Treat your patients with our range of procedure kits and laser fibers.
  2. Market your practice with our comprehensive and exclusive MVP Marketing Program.
  3. Get ongoing support with our training, field, and clinical resources.

Contact your AngioDynamics sales representative to learn more about how we can help you grow your practice with the VenaCure EVLT system.